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Tips from Eagle Eyes Cleaning Company,Pahrump, Nevada

Helpful Tips to Up-Keep Your Home ​

12 Steps to Maintain a Clean Bathroom

January 15, 2019

Never your bathroom.....yes! we go there to eliminate body waste. yes we go there to shave off our unwanted hair.....yes! we go there to wash off dirt and sweat....yep! we also go there to get the grit off our teeth....oh! the mold sometimes takes hold's a germ fest.

That is why people don't like to spend any more time there than is necessary. But wait!!! If you have this mindset then your bathroom will only fester with the dirt, the sweat, the hair and sometimes toothpaste drips.

The game plan is to clean while you are already in there doing your business. Then it will stay fairly clean. You may need to do a detail "deep" clean once a month, but it will be an easy task if you just follow the steps I am about to share with you. Excited? LoL

1.) buy a bathroom cleaner and a good scrub brush. The best kind of scrub brush should have a good handle and a large bristled area, which covers more area quicker than using a small scrub brush. You can use a scrubby pad if you prefer. The general idea is that you want to leave them in the tub area, easily accessible.

When you are finished with bathing, turn off the water, spray the shower stall and tub with your preferred cleaner and let it set on the surface for a couple of min. Then take your scrub brush/scrubby pad and apply pressure, and scrub the entire area. Rinse and if you want too dry it off. That is not totally necessary but will enable you to pick up the stray hairs that you missed. Oh! and wipe UNDER all the bottles and chunks of soap.

2.) pick up the bath mat that helps keep you from slipping. Hang it up in your tub or on the side of your tub so mold won't grow under it. The grab bar works perfect, if you have one.

3.) Check your shower curtain. Be sure it is left open and there are no parts folded over other parts. This prevents mold growth. When you do your once a month detail clean, spray it with a mold type remover spray (ZEP brand from Home Depot is a great brand but do this LAST as you won't want to breath it in).

4.) Use your bathroom fan to help remove the moisture in the air to help prevent mold growth.

5.) Keep BABY WIPES handy. Don't flush them down the toilet. But after you use the toilet and sink. Take a couple of wipes and swipe your toilet and sink. Don't use the toilet wipe on the sink!! That's not what I am saying. That would be gross. Have your fave toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet bowl brush near the toilet base and at least 2 x week, after you take a dump, swab the inside of the toilet bowl, flush and splash a little in after the flush to help eliminate those ugly water lines that form after awhile. I like the black lysol brand OR the bleach brand. Choose the black label Lysol if you have hard water. Choose the bleach Lysol brand if you have alkaline water. Never mix those two, please!

6.) Use a liner like a shopping bag, in your trash can and always keep several stashed in the bottom of the can so you can easily replace it on trash day. Which of course would be at least one time per week.

7.) Each time you steam that bathroom mirror up. Use the hand towel and wipe down the mirror.

8.) You can use those baby wipes to wipe the bathroom floor. Clean behind the toilet and the base of the toilet on your detail cleaning days.

9.) Kids toys: Keep them contained in a small laundry basket. As soon as they understand English, train your child/ren to pick up after themselves

10.) Get a makeup mirror and do your face in your room. It's so much better that way. And helps keep your counter tops from being cluttered.

11.) Clutter: Don't have it. Don't keep 2 of everything. Meaning bathroom essentials. You don't need a lot of fancy decor in the bathroom and counter top clutter. If it's not useful then it doesn't need to be there. O.K. A candle can be useful if you want to take a relaxing bath. Or help make things smell better if company is coming.

12.) There are all kinds of nifty storage gadgets out there to help you make the most advantage out of small spaces, use them.

This is your 12 step bathroom cleaning program. You will thank me! 

Cleaning Tips Everybody Can Use

Yay! You are interested in cleaning. I love to talk about cleaning but most people look for the exit signs when I do. So instead, I can write about cleaning and those who are interested can read about cleaning. No exit sign needed. WELCOME TO MY BLOG :-)

When it comes to cleaning, most people feel frustrated and don't know where to start. Most people let their cleaning tasks build up, along with dirt, dust, grease, grime and clutter, until they just want to keep their home under lock and key.

Well I want to help you do better and feel better. Read on.

My number #1CleaningTip is this:

Always find a place for everything and everything in its place.

I know it sounds easy to do but unless you are committed to this practice, you will tend to drop things where they land, when you are finished with them. Don't do that! Because you want to make clean up easier. Right?!

Train those who live with you to do the same. Your mantra will now be this: Please put things back the way you found them. Thank you!

I don't think I need to carry on about the rhyme or reason for this. As once you start doing it, your life will be easier. I applaud you for taking the 1st step in home improvement.

Tips to Help Sort Your Laundry 

  1. March 15, 2019

Laundry accumulates each and every day making it difficult to keep up with. However, there are ways to keep it under control.

1. Make it as easy as you can by buying the little pods. Use one for a small - medium size load. Use 2 for a large or xl load. 

2. Use dryer sheets instead of liquid.

3. Do not over fill the washer tub. This is crucial to enable your laundry to get clean as well as lower the time it takes to dry your clothes.

4. Wash similar types of articles rather than bunching them into one load. This will help you when it's time to put them away.

5. Don't let it pile can toss the laundry into the washer when you go to bed and into the dryer when you wake up (1st thing). Or toss into the wash as soon as you come home from work or wherever. Then be sure to dry it and deal with it before going to bed.

6. It's important to wash each time you accumulate 1 load. Don't wait until you have several or you will feel overwhelmed.

7. Toss them onto your bed as you have to fold them before you tuck yourself in at night. 

8. Divide into piles of similar articles. A pile for socks. A pile for shirts. A pile for pants (etc). 

8. It is a bad idea to wash a load of towels all at once. Instead toss a dirty towel in with your regular laundry. Towels take the longest times to dry but not long if you portion them out with regular loads. So this is one of the exceptions to washing similar types of loads. But by all means you will want to wash a blanket with some sheets mixed in. Notice I said "A" blanket. Too many will cause your dryer and you to wait longer for drying.

9. It is perfectly O.K. to adjust your washing time to "Quick Wash" because most people toss after a single (or twice) use! So they don't get very dirty at all. You shouldn't need to use the lengthy cycles such as "sanitize,"  Most detergents are super great these days! You should not need to use extra "OYY" powder but for the blood stained sheets and panties. 

10. Gather your hangers and hang what you like to hang then put all clothing on the hanger before running back and forth to the closet. Take an armload of all pants. Then all shirts. It's easier to fold your clothes if you want to do that and put them on a bookcase or shelf than in drawers.

11. News flash! You do not need to fold underwear of P.J.s Anything that is out of site when you wear them. Make a dedicated bra and panty and sock drawer. And P.J. drawer while you are at it. 

12. Try to buy the same kinds of socks. That way they are easy to match. You don't need a trillion styles and sock colors. They are mostly hidden anyway. 

13. I hope this helps. Laundry doesn't need to be a huge chore. Break it down into a load at a time. It will be done and over with within 1.5 hours max. Including all the steps. 

Getting Kids to Help Clean

March 15, 2019

Motherhood is the oldest profession in the world. Raising and training kids is the most important job in the world.'s a thankless job (except 1 day a year, on Mom's Day)

How can you get your kids to pitch in to help with the cleaning? Let's face it, there is a saying that is true. We are either born "pigs" or we are born to love being clean. If you have more than one kid it's likely they will turn out to be opposites.  The so-called child that likes to live in squalor will be the most difficult to train.  But of course it falls on us to train our children in the way they need to go. 

Point the way by being a great example. Use a "chore" chart and place smiley faces and stars and give incentives such as a trip to the zoo/park/carnival/movies/a new game/cake - (etc). once they gain a months worth of positive marks beside their pic and  name.

  • Start small like matching socks and having them sort piles of shorts/shirts/pants/undies/etc. Put them on hangers for you.
  • Get them to spray the shower with your favorite cleaning product and watch you scrub it clean.
  • Have them pick up their toys each time they play with them. 
  • Teach them the mantra: Mess it up/ Clean it up
  • Chores need to be age appropriate. You aren't going to have a kid under 8(ish) vacuuming
  • Helping with dishes - me and my twin sister used to take turns washing and drying.
  • Picking up the dirty dishes and taking them to the kitchen is an easy job that nobody wants to do. But of course it must be done.
  • Instill in them that a family needs to help each other keep the living space clean.
  • Life is not all fun and games but requires work as well. 
  • Give praise and hugs and try not to criticize the mistakes they will make. Use positive language like "Mommy is so happy you are helping. I want to show you an easier way to do this." 
  • Happy Parenting. 

How to Prepare for You Cleaning Appointment

How to Prepare for Your Cleaning Appointment

The big day has arrived and you are experiencing the anxiety of your cleaner's arrival. Your head tells you to clean before they get there to relieve any haunting feelings that they will judge you harshly.  Kind of like that nagging feeling of wanting chocolate or ice cream when you've decided to diet. 

Your head is reeling with a hundred and one thoughts about where to start. After all, you did hire a cleaner for help.  And they do need to keep busy for at least a few hours. 

Professional cleaners would L O V E to arrive to a place where they can clean. Meaning pick up clutter. Pick up objects that may damage their equipment.  Clear the counters and surfaces to be cleaned and dusted.  Get the dishes washed and cleared out of the way. They need to be able to find the outlets.  It adds a lot of extra time on your tab when the cleaners to have to work around so much stuff.  

Be very clear on what you expect. It is common that cleaners often do what they know to do. Which is start at one end and work their way out the door. But if you don't tell them, you could feel disappointed as maybe you expected the couch to be moved. Most cleaning companies don't move heavy furniture due to insurance liability issues. You may expect them to remove cob webs and they didn't realize that you expected them to do so.  

The cleaning service wants happy customers.  Cleaners who choose this occupation typically love to help.  But they are human and also need to know what you expect and they can certainly do their job much faster and easier if the surfaces are cleared of clutter. 

Also, don't ask for extra cleaning during the appointment that wasn't agreed to before hand. As most cleaners work on a tight schedule. For example, cleaning the inside of a refrigerator. And when you do request said service, do it prior to going grocery shopping. It will be so much easier on the cleaner and your pocket. 

About the Owner

March 15, 2019

I imagine you  are reading this because you want to hire a cleaner. You are probably feel vulnerable because the cleaner(s) have access to your most beloved place on earth. Your home. Touching  your valued  belongings & gaining  knowledge about you.  

You must be wondering how do I know I can trust these people? The GOOD THING is the transparency of our company and our business. Which is a state licensed company and has all my information. I  maintain a public accessible office space where you can consult with me by appointment. I will personally go out to meet with you and walk through your home, at your request.  I have references if you want them.

You invest a huge amount of money on your home, so you are probably wondering if will be careful and respectful of your belongings, and what if something gets broken or damaged? The best part is that you can count on me being careful and having the experience, skills and knowledge to know the correct products to use on each surface. This happened through study, through trial and error these past 25 years of cleaning and through far reaching cleaning support networks that I belong too via LinkedIn, FB and cleaning conventions.

I do not gossip about my customers and I don't care if your home is "dirty" or "messy" or whatever. What I care about is providing friendly, proficient, reliable and professional cleaning services. I care that you are a happy and satisfied customer. I care about communicating back and forth so that your experience is always a positive one. 

My ability to survive depends on my valued customers. Without you I don't eat or have a roof over my head. In essence, we are interdependent. 

I am a Christian and I do my upmost to love people and respect their choices to live however they choose just as I hope you will respect me. 

I have an outside life too. I love to follow the live music scene and dance.  I have grown up children and grand kids. I love animals. I love comedy. I am educated. I love to learn new things and do things outdoors. 

I work hard so you don't have too! 

Ways To Protect Your Floors

March 15, 2019

As a professional cleaner I am often advising my customers to buy ENTRYWAY RUGS for the high traffic areas of their home.

• place entryway mats/rugs outside your entry doors

• place entryway mats/rugs inside all your entry/exit doors

• Vacuum your floors (turn off the beater bar first by switching to "bare floor setting") - dust mop - sweep at least every few days if there are pets and/or kids gracing your home. Do so at least 1 x week if you have a lot of foot traffic. Do so at least bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) if you or visitors are only going in and outside minimally. One time a month may be fine if you are home-bound and don't have many visitors. This is a huge one! Because dirt and tiny particles that are brought inside via your footwear gets ground into the floors causing them to loose their luster and shine. You will never need to wax as long as you keep you or your hired help maintains them.

• You don't need to use heavy cleaning products on your floors. Every type of floor manufacturer will have cleaning instructions. Since flooring ranges from hardwood, granite, ceramic tile, linoleum, carpeting with various fibers and colors, vinyl, plank and so many others....a blog isn't a good place to go into the details. A pro cleaner will carry the right products to help you. One important note: Don't use ACID BASED cleaners on your floors. Over time it will cause damage.

• I love using a FLAT MOP but there are many other mops available and use what you are most comfortable with. HOWEVER, never soak your wood or linoleum floors with WATER. Always either use a spray like Murphy's Oil in a spray bottle or squeeze as much water out of your mop as you can. Only use a DAMP mop. Either change out the mop head or rinse and squeeze often to insure your getting them clean.

• Clean your carpets every 6 months. It is mind boggling to realize how much dirt gets ground into your carpets.

• If your floors are scratched there are special markers and DARK English Oil which may hide them.

• If you can get people to remove their shoes at your door and slip on some clean slippers, flip flops or clogs before entering your home...This great habit will greatly reduce the wear and tear of your flooring. 

Trash The Clutter

Trash The Clutter

March 15, 2019

Good for you, you're thinking about hiring help to clean, protect and maintain your most precious asset, your home. Great! Me and my team of pros are here to help. 

Clutter can be excessive collections of anything from pictures, nick knacks, trophies, shoes, collectables, religious icons, trash that isn't removed at least 1 x weekly, make-up, beauty products...really anything that takes up a lot of space. And I've seen and cleaned through it all....

De-cluttering your space can take several full day appointments with you going in  fully committed and with the mindset to pack it up and pack it out or use an alternative storage space other than inside your home. 

Cleaning around clutter presents a great challenge to the cleaners that you hire.  It will take a lot more time to clean your space - especially the common areas for clutter like bedrooms and bathrooms - then you might get upset thinking it "shouldn't be taking that long," being that there is at least a $35 per hour charge for a detail "deep" cleaning appointment (that's using only 1 cleaner).  Then the added challenge of having to go slower due to not wanting to knock stuff over and potentially break items. Then it doesn't feel good to the person cleaning knowing people's perceptions will be that the cleaner didn't do a very good job! Which is damaging to their valuable reputation in the community.

#1} I suggest that that you ask family what they want and give them a deadline to pick the stuff they want up. 

#2} Ask friends

#3} Donate to places that accept items to re-sell like animal rescues

#4) sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace, Craig's List, Ebay, etc and make a few bucks

#5) Reign in your shop-a-holic mindset before you get knee deep in the same predicament

#6) Ask that people not give you gifts and possibly food cards, donate to your fave charity, or specific gifts that you NEED. They will appreciate the help to know so as not to waste hard earned money on "junk." 

#7) Throw it away! It may be very hard to part with the report cards from your kids schooling or trinkets they gifted over the years. But believe me, they will be relieved to not have to sort through it all once you pass. I've seen this scenario countless times and it causes so much expense and stress on the loved ones you leave all the work for! Not to mention family disputes erupting fighting over the "spoils," which can tear relationships to shreds. 

#8) Give your loved ones and charities the stuff you want them to have while you are alive! It will make everyone's life better and easier.

We are here to help :-) No matter what the job - even helping to de-clutter.